Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holding Steady

Things are ok.  I'm still on edge waiting to hear that I am not in the 1 - 3 % of folks who have bad biopsies.  Stupid me, I watched the Gilda Radner movie based on her autobiography today all about her fight with cancer. 

We're busy getting ready for a visit from my sister's family of three - soon to be 4! She's 9 weeks pregnant - next week.  I feel so behind.  I made a vow once when I was pretty depressed in my twenties and tired all the time.  I vowed to accept the unavoidable as my norm, so that when people asked me how I was doing, I didn't say, "Oh, I'm just tired and way too busy."  Instead, I would think to myself that I was exhausted and hated my job and blah blah blah, and then I'd actually answer with what ELSE was happening, like, "Oh, I baked three pies this past week and had a super walk with my dogs around the reservoir."  Which one is more informative, which answer captures what I want to put forward in the world? 

Jump ahead a decade or so, and here I am.  Instead of complaining about how I am not done with renovations, and can't find time to finish painting our 8" high mopboard and window trim, I could say that I am thrilled to be spending all my waking time with my adorable babes that I waited my whole life to have.  I am rich beyond measure in friends and family, and they love me and visit me whether or not I have mopped and tidied and emptied out my garage of years of accumulated crap.  I have a partner who doesn't really care that my days are spent playing with and teaching our kids about life, fun, sharing and inspiring confidence in the reality that someone is always with them who loves them instead of cleaning, putting away every last toy and making sure dinner is on the table upon her arrival home from a grueling day at work.  

Here is a lovely post I just found on 37 Days.  Enjoy it - it made my brain happy.

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