Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still Here

I'm trying to get back into the swing of this blogging thing, I promise. Just to show you that we are still existing, here are some pictures of us from recent days.

Pequita and Monito climbing on a lamp post on our town commons. They love to frolic in public.

Pequita has learned to say, "Yoooove!" and swing in for a hug. It melts us all, each and every time. Monito usually reciprocates. Darling.
Hottie Friend and the babes at our recent party/ bonfire.
Pequita has started exerting some preferences in her couture. A few days ago, she selected the following outfit. A Winnie the Pooh singlet, with a pair of blue boy's briefs over it. A polartec winter hat tied under the chin, and her new slippers. She pranced around in this for hours. I was too embarassed to take her out of the house in it. That will change, I am sure.


Becca said...

Niiiice outfit! Reminds me of the time Charlie refused to wear shoes in favor of kneehigh rain boots in the middle of the summer!

Your town looks charming!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at the size of little brother. Can it be that he is the same height as his big sister? Wow, now I'm worried about your back and if you get any down time. How about an early childhood education major for some child-care while you recover your health or for that matter just some alone time. Grandma wishes I was closer. Loved the outfit, you go girl!

tiffanie said...

I recognize that funny little pooh outfit! :)