Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Date, of Sorts

My sister and sis-in-law left this morning with their son.  Homestead Mama and I did yard work, mowed, played with the kids in the sprinkler and taught them how to kick a ball into our new soccer net [sort of].  This is our first night in weeks where we didn't have a trip looming, company due any minute, house guests in our guest bedroom.

Homestead Mama and I went to a party for a couple hours, and when the bonfire was lit, the mosquitoes and the tequila shots came out we departed, carting home two very tired babies.  We are retiring early, with a modest glass of icy Patron tequila each, and will watch the Olympics in the dark with the sound off in our bed while the kids sleep next to us in each of their respective cribs.  The closest thing to a date that we've had in weeks [months, years?]

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