Sunday, June 1, 2008

Visiting Parents

Having houseguests really slows down the blogging. You'd think the extra help would buy me all the spare time I needed to nap, blog, shop, go see the Sex and the City movie, but you'd be wrong.

What we have had time to do is go to the birthday party of one of Pequita's friends. Monito got to ride a pink trike, and he totally didn't feel emasculated as you can see. Bring on the streamers!

I did more gardening, a lot more playing in the yard and the kids have been giving Grandma the grand tour of local playgrounds. My favorite has lake, park, playground and shade trees. We spend hours there.
Mom got me a nice pair of blue Crocs for my birthday and also CLEANED OUT MY CAR. We took out the car seats and washed the covers. She cleaned all the windows, vacuumed it to within an inch of its life, scrubbed down the seats [which took three buckets of soapy water to come clean] and scraped all the moist detritus from under the backseat. Oh my goodness, but that was not an activity for the faint of heart. It is so lovely now I was loathe to put the babes back in it, but who knew that some naked time in the empty car would be so very exciting?

Gorgeous, no? To keep it that way, I have made a waterproof seat cover that is installed under the car seats and covers the whole back seat. At least we can shake it off once in a while and vacuum easier.We had a first birthday party a little early for Monito, who turns one year old on June 14. His present from his grandparents was this wagon. We are entering the most fun ME/ MINE/ Noooooooo!!! phase in Pequita's life at the same time that Monito is finding his [screamy] voice, and I wanted nothing to do with toys that only he can play with. They love their wagon, and if it is in sight of the kitchen window, they start begging for rides before we even have breakfast.

The fieldstones we picked out were delivered and are still on their pallets. As I had hoped, the kids really like climbing all over them. I'll be happier when my landscaping guy comes with his skid steer and places them in the yard where I actually want them. Sometime this week, he says.

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Becca said...

Oh that picture of them naked in the car is too funny!!