Monday, June 30, 2008

My Baby's Baby

little ms. pequita* has really embraced baby dolls, finally. we now turn the car around at ANY point if we forgot her baby; the ensuing crying seriously has no end if the baby doesn't materialize. she picked out this doll from target because it coos and giggles at you. we call it baby lala. after almost 2 years of declining to have any kind of lovey or comfort item, she has kicked in with a vengeance. baby lala requires her own swing, her own carry bag to hold all her bottles and accoutrements, and her own bed. grandma is on the job to find a nontoxic, less offensive baby for pequita to tote around for the next eight or nine years. we'll see what she comes up with when we get to cape for baby lala, pequita rocks it, cradles it, nurses it, calls for it from rooms away, and generally dotes on it. not bad for $15.
this picture is not highlighting a bloody forehead wound - it is popsicle trail - but the need to swing with baby lala.
*i am reverting to chicken pecking typing with a chopstick one letter at a time over a sleeping baby. monito is walking about 30 % of the time, and spends all night trying to run up the front of my body while still sleeping. i wake up 15 times a night with a still-sleeping boy staggering to his knees over me and crying for nipple - soothie won't do. i hate this phase from the hours of 11 pm - 8 am. the rest of the time it is absolutely phenomenally thrilling.

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Becca said...

Don't you have a soft place in your heart for Lala now too? I have ascribed human characteristics to Charlie's Phent and even felt a little guilty the other day when I had to leave him in the car while the rest of the family went to see the ducks in Boston.