Monday, June 9, 2008


Homestead Mama's good friend from college has girls a bit older than our kids, and frequently gives us hand-me-downs. It is usually stuff that we wouldn't have bought for various reasons, but oh, lordy, how the kids love the profusion of toys that come our way and I love the NYC clothing they send.

H-Mama spent all of Saturday driving round trip to New Rochelle - about 4 hours away - to pick up this latest load. When the kids woke up on Sunday morning, they went nuts with excitement since our backyard looked like a daycare had exploded all over it. Slides, tricycles, two smaller plastic slide/swing combos, extra baby seats for our big swing set, and wagons.
Monito and H-Mama on the teeter totter:

And the most coveted item? The car.

It rode proudly on the roof all the way home and so its front grill has a realistic coating of dead bugs which really looks like Pequita can make it go faster than the average toddler car. We washed everything down and let the kids loose on it all. There is almost enough stuff now that there is no need for fighting over toys, but they still manage to want what the other one has on occasion.

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Becca said...

We have friends like that! Two ladies with such beautiful taste in little boys' clothing and such a soft spot for Charlie. He gets all their son's hand me downs. Charlie has such wonderful things from them. You've reminded me that I need to get them a gift card of thanks TODAY.

The bugs on the LT car are cracking me up!