Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bonanza, continued

The kids love the yard. This a good thing, since Grandma brought Pequita the Once Upon a Potty kit, including the actual potty, the book about little Prudence and her potty antics, and the DVD of the book plus many repeats of the Potty song with film of live dancing diaper clad babies. Oh. My. God. Pequita wants it on a continual loop when she is inside the house. I HATE Prudence. We escape to the ultra-fun backyard now posthaste upon waking or returning home from elsewhere. I was up with Pequita this morning at 6:49am; I was folding laundry and she was sitting on her potty all naked noodle sipping juice and watching Prudence. Ack.

The heat spell is keeping us in the pool as well. Thank goodness for our ice cold well water.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the new toys look so much fun! The children must just love having so many choices to play upon. I have seen the little car, as our park has been donated some, and the children play on them regularly. The power of wheels. So happy the yard was such fun for the birthday boy. Hats off to Homested Mama for the long drive and getting the toys.