Thursday, June 26, 2008


One of the babies lost one of our phones in the house with the line in use.  We cannot find it.  We cannot use the land line.

If any of you know us in real life and want to reach us, use my cell phone. 


Rainy day here.  Monito has been crying so much in the past couple days with no apparent cause that I barely hear it anymore.  I am tired of telling Pequita that he is ok; she is so concerned for his well being that he can barely see over the mound of toys and books she has brought him to comfort him.  It is distressing, since he has figured out how to scream and all his protests and sobbing are now punctuated with blood-curdling screeches instead of a nice normal, tolerable, crying.  It really sounds like someone is sticking bamboo under his cute little fingernails.

We're going to get out of the house and go to the science museum where he may stop crying long enough for me to stop my brain from sticking in this nasty hazy place.  Some days I can't believe I entertain thoughts of a third child.

I have been meaning to respond to a few blogs and can't carve out the time. - Mama Fox, Pequita hasn't stopped begging to see BABY EAT!!! since I first watched the eating/thumb-sucking video you posted.  She says Messy! and then giggles and sucks her own thumb.  Becca, you were lost in my neck of the woods outside of Boston.  I still get confused in that town if I can't see the Prudential building.


Momma Fox said...

I feel ridiculously honoured to be mentioned in your post! Sorry to hear of the relentless crying. How terribly wearing. Hopefully a change of scene will have done the trick. Sweet though that Pequita tries to help rather than bopping him over the head.
Third child -- I am intrigued! I had wondered. I have been tempted myself, thinking maybe, just maybe, I could have one more after Nearest & Dearest hopefully has one. Then I got that tummy bug and remembered how awful I felt for MONTHS. I think I'm over it. Two would be wonderful, and now that Foxy is older, I can see that by 6 months you get to be an equal parent.

Becca said...

Hee, we were VERY lost! I could have used your expertise. I was so happy to see Ho Chi Minh on the oil tank I nearly cried.

The phone will eventually run out of batteries, right? We just spent two days looking for my keys, which I swore Charlie had hidden somewhere, before I found them in my pool bag, where I had left them.

Kim said...

I can come help look for the phone on Saturday morning. I am booked solid til then. Kind of funny. I drove by your house twice tonight and didn't have time to stop to kiss the babes and it sucked. Let's have some kimmie juice together this weekend. xoxo