Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adoption Day

We are family. On the way home from becoming officially and legally siblings, the kids held hands in their car seats.

Yesterday's adoption hearing went without a hitch. My mother was there with balloons, the kids were beaming and Homestead Mama and I were ebullient as we tossed our belongings onto the x-ray machine to be admitted into the courthouse. We were clearly in court for a different reason than all the sad, sullen, angry looking folks loitering in the hallways who were losing their drivers licenses, their freedom, their children. The process only took a few minutes. My father missed it, as he was joining us from his bike trip in the Northern part of the state. I didn't realize why he was late until afterwards - he had to bike 60 miles to an airport where he rented a car to drive the remaining 90 miles. He said he misjudged how long it would take to bike that particular 60 mile stretch. No matter - he met us at the Homestead as we arrived and enjoyed the party.

We had a house full of family of choice - moms group families, neighbors, and friends from years past. Plenty of food, beer, and toys for the kids. We had enough strong help to lift and re-situate the swing set on a level part of the yard which H-Mama and I have been wanting to do. Despite the cool damp weather, a few kids chose to play outside which was where we had hoped to have the whole party. However, the layout of the homestead really accommodates a crowd well as it comfortably held over 32 adults and kids, but I cracked up when I realized that the two adults eating with their kids at the tiny kids table were the huge rugby player and the 6'5" dad. [Yes, I know my windows need a wash, but I won't do it until all the sawdust and painting ends.]
One of the markers of a good party is that the hosts have no lonely guests to introduce around, and last night people were so well matched that it seemed as though the groups overlapped and integrated effortlessly, which meant I could flit around and enjoy myself. I had a super time and H-Mama and I were very touched that everyone turned out to celebrate on a school/ work night. Having my mom come from six hours away and Dad miss a day of his bike trip was amazing; they have been so supportive in every way of this process that it was important to include them and let them bask in the love too.
Dad had to rejoin his biking party for the last leg of their trip, so he left early this morning. Monito and I had a half hour with him while everyone else slept in. The kids are old enough now that they remember my parents from visit to visit and it takes them very little time to get over their shyness and swarm over Grandma and Grandpa. Monito and Grandpa shared some Veggie Booty and a little love at 6:30 am.


Becca said...

I am so excited for you guys! I know it has been a lot of time and hard work in coming. How wonderful that your friends and families were able to celebrate with you.

Also, Monito is looking positively toddler-ish! Sweet pic of him and your dad.

Shawna said...

Congrats on the adoption!!

Monito is losing his baby fat and he looks like such a little boy now!!