Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kitchen Peek

This will only be exciting for those of you who are familiar with the bare white walls, ineffective or complete lack of storage space in the kitchen and pantry, and makeshift [plywood] counters we have been suffering with for the past few years. Here's a peek at the glory that is built-in wall shelves, cherry butcher block counters, and a pantry that is taking shape before our eyes.

Homestead-Mama cooked breakfast this morning for us all and left in a rush to help the neighbors*. I stayed behind with the kids and was walking around the kitchen trying to figure out what the ever-so-faint whooshing noise was that I heard and couldn't track down. I had all but decided that it was wind coming in a window somewhere when I realized that it was our super duper stove vent fan that Dave installed last week and H-Mama decided to use when frying up our eggs. I splurged and bought the extra quiet model and damned if it doesn't live up to its hype. 1.5 sones is pretty inaudible and is, I immediately decided, worth the extra money. Rejoice, Mom, cooking has been elevated to a pleasant experience here at Chez Homestead.

*She went to go shoot a possibly rabid skunk that is attacking the neighbor's dogs [when I say we are homesteading, I'm not entirely joking]. H-Mama isn't an animal control agent or anything, just a woman raised by her father in the Adirondack mountains who has won awards for her marksmanship. She'd be on a national rifle team if she had time to travel.

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