Thursday, May 15, 2008

'Love Makes a Family' is crap

'Love makes a family' is crap.  Legal second parent adoption makes a family here at chez Homestead.  And guess what?  We have a court date for both my adoption of Pequita and H-Mama's adoption of Monito on May 27th.  Excuse me for a minute...


The relief is palpable here, and the bonus is that my parents were scheduled to be visiting then and can celebrate with us.  Actually, Dad will be on a week-long bike trip in our area and Mom will be here soaking up grandma time, but we'll likely drive the hour away and fetch my Dad for the duration of the court hearing and ensuing celebration dinner and then drop him back off on his bike trip.  This means that this June 15th, American Father's Day, will be the first annual Homestead Family Day.  We can start planning what that will entail now in our free time. 

Soon we'll be able to apply for passports for the kids with both legal parents' names, travel through states like Oklahoma and Alabama with less worry, and reply to all the asshats who ask me with disbelief dripping from their tones, "Is that YOUR daughter?" a resounding 'Uh huh' before whipping out both boobs and tandem nursing the kids just to hammer home the point.


Momma Fox said...

Congratulations!! That's wonderful news. Very pleasing indeed. BTW, loving the look of the kitchen, and VERY impressed with the gardening.

Becca said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news!

And everyone should worry travelling through Alabama, don't get off the highway! Just kidding.

J. said...

Congratulations and I'm excited for you doesn't even begin to cover it. :-) Great news, great news!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! May your time in court be short and without hassle.

- Michele (MSL)