Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Working Weekend Chez Homestead c. 2007


Becca said...

How resourceful! Just like the Eskimos! :)

Two Mamas said...

OH MY're skinny!

You look awesome!!!

Homestead Mom said...

Yup, Homestead Mama has Pequita in the Ergo carrier and is fixing the lawn tractor (again), and Monito is in a mei tai that I made back in the pre-kid days when I had time for sewing. Monito likes it finally, so I can get work done. I'm getting the bird feeders cleaned out and filled. Pequita really is enchanted with birds right now, and we'll lure many to the yard with suet and seed.

You're sweet about the skinny. I'm back up to my pre-pregnancy weight, so at least my clothes fit. I lost 15 lbs in giving birth, and wish I could have stayed there. Ah, well. Here's hoping the gym membership will help.