Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still sick

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I feel awful.  Homestead Mama is mostly ok, a little overtired, but she goes to work each day.  Nothing makes me more stir crazy than staying in the house all the time, but even though I could muster the energy to go to playgroup or swim class, I can't inflict our germs on other moms & kids.  And they'd know.  We are all sneezing snot, the kids are fussy and I have what I call my blues voice - a deeper, throatier version of what I usually sound like. 

It is on the second day of not going out, the second day of Pequita working diligently to touch, break, unpack or unfold all the things she isn't supposed to touch that I am reminded of just how cluttered our house still really is, and how much work it will take to get it babyproof.  Maybe by the time the kids are 3 or so.  Here's when I start regretting spacing our two kids so close together.  I'd have 3 hours a day of time for myself to nap, organize or just read if we only had one.  BUT I'll be through a lot of the hardest stuff by the time others are just getting around to having their second kid...  I have visions of us zipping over to Europe for a visit once both our kids can walk a couple of miles.  There are some alps I miss dearly that I'd like to traipse around on, and some melted cheese I'd like to eat with red wine.  We'll just see how that pans out.

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