Thursday, November 29, 2007


Our friend who generously put us up for the weekend outside of the city is Chinese. She usually takes us into the city for dim sum when we visit - we get so much better treatment and food when we are with her. This was Pequita's first time in a huge bustling Chinese restaurant, and she did wonderfully. She loved all the food H-Mama fed her, particularly the sticky rice she could feed herself. She whacked at everything with her chopsticks .
You can see her here doing her happy dance in her booster seat as she eats. I'd upload the video, but it is 11:50 pm and Blogger is being recalcitrant. I have to go to sleep.

Monito was less than impressed with the dim sum (maybe in a few months when he starts eating solids) but really loved all the stuff above his head on the streets - dragons, silk scarves, myriad plastic imported toys. He was completely quiet and wide-eyed in the carrier as we walked around looking for a special Christmas outfit for Pequita (I'll post on that later.)

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