Saturday, November 3, 2007

CIO is working

Homestead Mama put Pequita to sleep last night in our new CIO fashion. Pequita fell asleep in 30 minutes, slept through until a 4:30 am nursing, then awoke for the day at 8:30. She's hasn't slept through the night since she was 3 months old. We all needed the rest. I think the duration was a fluke, and because she was so overtired. Time will tell.

She got real Levi's recently, and they are super. Below, she's in a shirt I just got for her brother - he needs big ones to cover his wrists, as his arms are really long. They set off her new shoes nicely. (Clearly, I have a love of footwear. I am seriously limited in my choices, though, because my ankle is fused to 90 degrees and requires absolutely no heel and modified soles. This is most frustrating. I hadn't factored in the vicarious thrill I could get from choosing my child's shoes. Total bonus.)It took her an hour to fall asleep for her morning nap today, and just as we were going up to pull her out all sound ceased. Encore victoire!

On a sadder note (for me), Monito's eyes are finally turning from blue like mine to something else. Currently, they are hazel and blue and light brown. His fuzzy hair is also not blond like it was at first - he's kind of tawny all over now. Golden, as Homestead Mama prefers to call him.

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