Friday, November 2, 2007

Equal opportunity torture

Monito is getting his fair share of training. I read in The Wonder Weeks that he is in his 19 week developmental spurt (this explains the recent sleep disturbances and whineyness) and commonly babies are flipping over back and forth without assistance like trout in a fishing boat. Not Monito. I imagine this is mostly because he gets less belly time than he should so doesn't have time to practice. This is not due to negligence but caution - if he is on the floor, Pequita likes to play a game called "Name This Hole on the Baby's Head" using her sharp and poky index finger. She's going through a period of nostril love right now, and he prefers to have his nostrils unmolested; since she never sleeps he spends his time up off the floor with Mommy or in the Bumbo seat. Lest my son fall behind the curve, I've started him on a rigorous tummy time training schedule while I play Chase with Pequita to distract her. From his expression below, I believe he would prefer to be upright. Or have the butler take care of his tummy responsibilities.

Winter is finally coming, with days in the 50s and nights down in the 30s. The house is kept at a brisk 65 degrees 24 hours a day - we flick it up as needed, but mostly we are wool sweater wearers and use two duvets on the bed in the winter. Each kid has their own duvets to top them and a shearling under them. Pequita refuses to wear a hat, and with her head of hair she doesn't really need it anyway. Monito on the other hand is too young to figure out how to pull his off, so spends each night adorably (I think) attired thusly:

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Becca said...

So cute! He looks so cozy!