Friday, November 2, 2007

Signing Time

Pequita is using some of her sign language signs. She's learned the signs for her most treasured and favorite objects, like the windsock in the shape of a fish that her Aunties sent her. It bobs and floats in the wind, and looks like it is swimming. We visit it each day outside, and Pequita flaps her hand open and shut in a clear (to us) hand sign. She loves her fishy with a passion right now. Apologies for the subpar filming. Monito was in my arms wrestling me for the camera.


Kimmie said...

You are right, that was clearly "fish". She's such a smart little bugger. I bet once she realizes the connection between signing something and getting something she will start using them more. Isn't that how language works? She's clearly understood what others sign to her for months now. When do babies start to speak words more regularly? xxx k

Kimmie said...

PS- now i have the "signing time" song in my head. :P

Homestead Mom said...

usually by 18 mos they have a good vocabulary, but really any time. depends on the kid.

it's signing time with alex and la la