Monday, September 21, 2009

Why oh Why?

Pequita, She Who Must Be Watched as each feat of physical prowess is executed, chatters and sings constantly. I thought this was the most frustrating toddler affectation. I was wrong.
My boy has sadly begun the journey of Why, Mommy?

Where going, Mommy?
Why Buttermilk Park, Mommy?
Why hike, Mommy?
Stella come, Mommy?
Why no Stella, Mommy?
Why colds, Mommy?
Why snot and sneezing, Mommy?
Why germs, Mommy?
Why be quiet, Mommy?
Why irritable, Mommy?
Why headache, Mommy?
Why thumping head on car window, Mommy?

I believe it might be a long year.


aws said...

I feel your pain. One of our conversations today:
Me:"I need hangers to hang up our sweatshirts"
N:"what are hangers?"
Me:(explain what hanger is)
N:"why is it a hanger?"
Me:"Because it is"
N:"but why? why is it a hanger?"
Me: "It just is what it is"

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh. I know it's frustrating, but also so very, very sweet. --Una

FredBay said...

I have a solution that works effectively. Dealing with Monito and Pequita's cousin Dieter, who is six months older than Pequita, I've found this works. And I can say the Dieter is one of he more verbal and inquisitive kids I've been around at this age. The verbal and inquisitive seem to increase the tendancy for the normal "Why"

Basically, I ask a relevant question back which he answers and that distracts the question string and often stops it. At worst it may start a new string. In the middle, it provides the thread of a new conversation that, when pulled, leads away from the linked sequential "why".

I can't think of any examples from earlier today when we went on the Boston Duck Boat tour. But when the next one occurs, I'll note it and pass it along for an example.

Grandpa to Pequita, Maneto, and Dieter