Saturday, September 12, 2009


Pequita and Monito are both in love with "Old Pippi", which means the original Swedish TV series instead of the new Hollywood abomination. We tell Pippi stories and I've learned all 12 verses of the theme song, which I belt out in the car on a regular basis.

I wanted to sew a quilt with patches of Pippi on it for them and can't find any of the fabric in this country, even though I can see things made from it. Then I found the Swedish licensed products - a veritable wealth of all things Pippi. No importing info to America. How annoying that I have a hard time NOT buying my children things with [shudder] Spongebob on them but can't find Pippi who is immeasurably less annoying.

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Alison Williams said...

This is surely what having a European internet friend is all about! If you let me know exactly what you want, then I will happily send it to you. No money need even change hands, I can ALWAYS throw together a knitpicks order -- they do not ship outside N. America.