Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Pequita spends a great deal of her time being pregnant, in labor and nursing her new babies. Then they get a taste of real world living and spend hours in time outs for rule infractions.

Yesterday we found a lovely hard plastic unicorn whose hooves and horn light up and make a magic sound when you push a button. I actually bought it to try to help her fend off the wicked witches, monsters and other scary beings that are constantly following her around trying to get in her house/room/car.

Today, the unicorn was in utero for a long time, which can't have been comfortable as it is quite pokey with the hooves and horn and all.

Then, there was an extended labor due to the aforementioned pokey issues.

And the happy Mommy immediately after birth, nursing her new child.

She's a loving kid.

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