Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alone in a Crowd

I have come out for drinks with my friends - Homestead Mama is sitting in the nursery protecting the kids from 'horns' while they fall asleep. I arrived first and am sitting alone in a nice bar sipping malbec with great music playing and am so profoundly sad. I think that since I'm not meditating much (at all) or in therapy or wallowing in free time, anything I haven't worked through wells up in times where I have extra psychic space. Good, I guess. But sad. I'll have a wonderful time once my friends are here - they are amazing women. But I'm sure the funky lights look lovely reflected in my shining eyes.


aws said...

Oh Nora, I'm so sorry hear this. I wish I were there to keep you company and if not listen to your worries at the very least maybe distract you from them? Hope your night ended on a high note.

Grandma said...

Oh Nora, you have been through so much and it is no wonder at a quiet moment that you reflect what you body has just been through. Keep your chin up and know that we are so proud of you and you. It is also that time of year when we remember Jason, Linda and Grandma Phyllis! I always get a bit blue too. Now we have another loss to add.

tiffanie said...

...and we had a lovely time. I never knew you were sad that night. Hope we cheered you up!!

Let's do it again VERY soon.

tiffanie said...

I should add.. I guess I knew you had things you were sad about, but didn't realize that you were really SAD.. make sense? Hope you don't think I am a clueless friend!