Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nice View If You Can Get It

Our hotel suite in NYC is wonderful. We have a balcony with a nice view of the Hudson, and from the 10th floor life is sweet. Monito woke us all up as usual, and we were lucky enough to witness, while outside admiring the deathly high drop to the sidewalk, a garbage truck picking up more bags than we could count from our street. From the 10th floor we had to watch the pickup in the reflection of the shiny building across the street, but how fortuitous that we could do that?

We spent the day with a friend of H-Mama's from her undergrad days and her family in New Rochelle. I wish that we lived closer to them; we love them and their daughters are a couple years ahead of ours. Pequita had full access to a huge princess wardrobe of shiny dresses, sparkly tiaras, plastic high heel shoes with Disney princesses on them and best of all, a big girl to tell her what to do, wear, and say. In years to come she may not like the last bit as much, but right now she is a rapt audience, willing to comply with anything to bask in the glow of older kids.

I was ok this morning, but really faded by the afternoon with waves of nausea and the sweaty shakes that left me in tears. My head aches so much that daylight is hard to endure. I finally am ensconced in the king-sized bed, poufed in pillows and duvets with the a/c blasting, and feel non-critical for the first time in hours. Best of all, the bedroom doors are closed and H-Mama is entertaining the kids in the living area of the suite with the toys, art supplies and DVDs I packed. Her sister Lori is headed over with Indian take-out, and we'll have a peaceful evening at 'home'. Totally worth the upgrade money for the suite. I'm really happy we came, especially since I can get down time to rest. I'm hoping that the Tylenol I took will help with the headache; ibuprofen is contra-indicated with methotrexate, and the Tylenol in our medicine kit expired in 2006. I took two anyway. Fingers crossed.

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