Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brave Boy

Monito and I were attempting our regular dismount from the Ergo carrier in the park this morning so he could dance to the accordion trio. He torqued around in his excitement while dangling from my hands and POP went his arm. 30 minutes of screaming followed, lasting all the way to the ER. X-rays were awful with lots of crying. Pequita was a trooper, playing with a new book of fairy stickers while she watched us through the peep hole. Luckily, not being pregnant, I could hold Monito during the process.

Then back to our cubicle to wait. The nurse practitioner, Michael, came in to check Monito out. Without a word, he picked up Monito's arm and started bending it vigorously. The vibrating, red-faced painful surprise took a few seconds to register with Monito, but I'm sure everyone heard it all the way to the parking lot. Apparently, he was resetting the arm, but didn't warn me at all. Diagnosis? Nursemaid's arm, which basically means we jerked his elbow out of joint. Ouch! We left the ER with the boy in an arm brace with orders to follow up with the orthopods if no improvement tomorrow. On to pudding in the cafeteria!

On the way to the cafeteria, we ran into some friends - the mother was in the ER with chest pains, her toddler, infant and husband wandering around trying to stay entertained. That put our little arm worries into perspective. I still don't know if everything is ok. Hopefully it was nothing, but she was getting a cat scan as we left.

With no naps, Homestead Mama working late and two nutty kids, bedtime will be early tonight. I'm going to sign off and get to it.


Becca said...

Poor baby!!

And I hope your friend is alright. How scary.

gr said...

This broke my heart. I remember when I was waiting for dad in the ER last time and two doors down there was a family waiting for someone. The doctor was in her room and I heard a horrendous scream come out of the room which was enough to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The nurse that was attend to
dad told us someone had dislocated their shoulder/arm and the only way to fix it was a quick, hard pull to get it back into place. I can only imagine what our sweet boy went through. So sad I am. What a brave little boy we have.