Monday, June 15, 2009


My baby boy, he turned two on Sunday. It was a glorious sunny day, and we invited a few friends over to celebrate at 10 am. Monito was pretty jazzed up and took off downstairs early. He remembered Christmas enough to know what to do with the wrapped gifts he found in the living room - I heard ripping and raced in with the camera just in time to see his face when he opened the wooden tow truck and tractor trailer. Utter joy and lots of vrroomming ensued. The zones we've created in the yard worked beautifully - it handled 25 adults and 6 kids with no fighting or crowding. At the last minute, Monito decided against having a garbage truck on his cake, and requested a front loader bucket: indigestion narrowly averted. He wore his beloved I Stink shirt to honor trash removers instead. I made a German chocolate three-layer cake, and followed a recipe for an easy-to-pipe frosting which performed beautifully. He was very happy with his green digger cake.
We partied with friends all morning. There was sandbox and gravel pit fun, swing set frolic, tag and chase - good for nap-prep, naked swimming, naked sliding, naked peeing-in-the-yard, and then NAP.
While my parents were visiting, the kids wanted to sneak in and wake them up each morning and from each nap to get in some snuggling. Grandparents didn't miss the sleep as they were so busy wallowing in the charming babies.

After naps, our friend Noona brought her 3 boys over and there was much more vigorous play. Wagon-pulling, bocce, sprinkler-jumping, and popsicles in the tent. My kids love having the big boys around, and the adults enjoyed an opportunity to ease up on the hypervigilence and drink a few beers. The evening ended around the campfire, roasting hot dogs and s'mores. The kids were pretty worn out towards the end of the evening.We may start a Sunday evening campfire tradition for the summer because it was so much fun. Late to bed but it was well worth it.

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