Monday, June 29, 2009


Finally, 2 hours after bedtime started. Has anyone noticed how little blogging has been going on? Bedtime has been, um, let's not even talk about it.

Homestead Mama's father is visiting with his wife. They are staying in the guest house, which is their 41' RV parked in our driveway, bump-outs out, awnings up, the whole experience. He can be seen at all hours strolling shirt-less around the property walking his 3 tiny dogs. This morning I had to remove some towels from under my windshield wipers which had apparently been put there to dry. We are going ghetto, my friends. Sadly, they will be driving their guest house elsewhere tomorrow morning and H-Mama will go back to work. It will be nice to get back to normal.

I finished getting the gardens in. I'll post pictures when I can make it all the way into the backyard without getting caught in a thunderstorm. I also have close to 3 gallons of strawberry & rhubarb stewed up to turn into sauce and jam and fruit leather. Busy busy! This is the summer of a pressure canner, so I can put up tomato sauce, home made ketchup - does anyone else think store bought is too sweet? - and I've already got many packets of basil pesto in the freezer, one of my favorite things to break out when snow is on the ground. I need a bigger larder, clearly.

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Kate and Crew said...

LOLOL - you paint a pretty picture. I'm envisioning that scene from the "christmas vacation" movie with Chevy Chase. Did you see that??? where his brother (or was it his wife's brother?) shows up in the RV... LOL