Thursday, June 4, 2009


This post *was* titled "Are. You F-ing Kidding Me?" but I toned it down. I was awakened from a sound sleep by the chemically toxic, nauseating smell of direct skunk hit. I waited for it to leave my bedroom- hey, sometimes a skunk walks by outside the window and it wafts in. It only got stronger. I finally peeled the kids off me and went to investigate. H-Mama is sitting downstairs on the couch reading and watching Heroes on DVR (cause I don't like it). She arrived home from her late softball game after the rest of us went to sleep. In response to my gagging query about the odor she asked. "Oh, you can smell it?".

The smell is so thick upstairs I actually feel ill. I've opened windows, put a fan on, and taken a Benedryl to help my brain get me to sleep despite the stench and the fury of so careless a decision as to let 2 digs into the house stinking like this. (Fury = I must say, I hate to be awakened, and have oodles if trouble getting back to sleep under the best of circumstances.) It is 11pm, we haven't got the ingredients required to deskunkify the dogs or their beds - I've placed both out on the porch for tomorrow and hope the dogs will keep from barking all night. I'll have to deal with it after she's gone to work Friday, with 2 toddlers wanting to help and with 2 nights of sleeplessness under my belt. Sigh.

If you have dogs. Commit this to memory and stock up:

1 bottle 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 c baking soda

1 ts dish soap

Mix, dilute with water slightly and scrub, keeping away from eyes.


Becca said...

Oh yuck! We were camping once and while we were at a nearby campsite visiting friends two skunks had a fight in our campsite. I will never forget that smell.

kimmie said...

i vote you take them to the doggy washer by the mall. then come meet me in town for a breakfast burrito. xx