Saturday, June 13, 2009

"...But When She Looked, The Cupboard Was Bare"

Well, I am on day 13 of this cycle with no egg follicles visible despite a rather vigorous wanding at the RE's this morning. (Wheeeee!). FSH is a solid 5, so no obvious problems with ovulatory function. This means that it is probably time to wean the kids. Damn it. Monito will hate it, but he spends a lot of our nursing time with his pacifier in his mouth and my breast pressed lovingly between his soft cheek and his beefy little hand. Pequita, on the other hand, actively nurses all the time. She has no other soothing items, and always asks to nurse when her brain is fried or she is overwhelmed. This will be a hard time for her to give it up - she is in a rough phase and is manic and frazzled a lot these days. My parents arrived yesterday for the birthday weekend - maybe having grandma and grandpa here to offer extra loving arms will help. Since Homestead Mama is still lactating a bit, maybe her supply will pick up and she can fill in a bit more when she's home. It is bittersweet to imagine passing on the role of Most Favored Supplier. She'll arrive home from work and the kids will fall upon her, grabbing at her legs and pulling on her clothes crying for boob, like zombies hungry for brains. This is what I've lived with for 2 years, being the over-producing primary supplier. Maybe they'll pick it back up after the next is born (pthuh pthuh) (spitting to ward off evil).

So I'll start torturing the children today and try again next cycle. Sigh. Um, I mean RAH! RAH! Bring it on!

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aws said...

Weaning Nate was tough, but after going cold turkey for 3 days he had moved on, and we all know how often this child nursed. all. the. time. They adapt quite quickly. Good Luck!