Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Lives in YOUR Car?

DST bites. My kids went to sleep an hour later than usual and woke up an hour earlier, even accounting for daylight savings time. Holy crap but it bodes poorly for the day when I am up and dressed before I smell my coffee brewing, which it set to do automatically at 7:01 am.

We got out of the house early and headed for the library to find out if we can re check-out the Pippi dvd since we only returned it 3 days ago. Pequita seems to NEED it to exist. On the way downtown, Monito asked to hold my hand while I drove. Uh oh; this means sleepy. And then the unthinkable happened - both kids dropped off to sleep as I pulled into the library parking lot. At 9:45 am. My kids usually go to nap between noon - 1 pm. I have no idea how the day will play out now, but pigs are flying overhead in a V-formation.

Because I forgot my knitting and am up-to-date on my bloglines feeds, I present for you the contents of my dashboard that have become full time decor.

- a Playmobil visor from a tiny plastic head
- a water lily pod that H-Mama picked for me this summer
- a beloved ring and earrings that I can't wear whilst parenting as they get bent or yanked every time I try to wear them
- a ring from the carousel we ride on Martha's Vineyard every summer on a scrap of rainbow ribbon. I did get the brass ring once but chose to turn it in for a free ride instead of stealing it
- an Eeyore key, a sure-fire happy-making toy
- a half-eaten sticky lolly deemed a choking hazard and confiscated from a sleeping babe's mouth some time in December (grape, come to find out. Of COURSE I ate it.)
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