Sunday, March 8, 2009

In Like A Lion

Lots going on. I'm trying to breathe through it and be present. While I've been breathing, my parents came for a nice visit, we set up a fish tank, H-Mama and I went on a date while my parents babysat, my daughter told her first fib, we lost a fish, my kids have manifested the ability to count and recite large chunks of the alphabet, we've fully embraced brollies here and played in the mud a lot. Also, I found some great crafts to pass on to you all for toddlers which I'll do soon.

This afternoon Monito fell down the cement stairs at a friends house while I was trying to get Pequita to come along. He moved fast, and it is like herding cats to get her to do anything these days. Bloody nose, blood streaming from his mouth, scraped and cuts on his nose, lips and chin. In the pouring rain, long minutes from home. The little trooper only cried for about three minutes, nursed for two and then let me put him in the car and take him home. It is awful, and I feel awful about it. I could see it happening in slow motion, and any parent knows how long the milliseconds seem as you wait to hear how loud and long the screams are, indicating the magnitude of the injury. I don't think this one is terrible [I haven't been able to get a good look inside his mouth at his teeth yet. I'll do that tomorrow when it is less uncomfortable for him] but the crying was heartbreaking.

He's going strong, but sheesh. I held it together but am still upset about it. The bruising is going to be impressive.


Becca said...

Poor Monito! It is so awful when they hurt themselves.

Charlie's going through the dawdling stage too. I try to stay calm and remember that curiosity about every single little thing on the sidewalk is a sign of an active mind, but GEEZ is it frustrating!

Kiko said...

I didn't hear anything when it happened or else I would have run outside to help. I'm sorry he took a tumble, and in the RAIN to boot! That sounds so pitiful. We'll have to add "first bloody nose" the his baby book.

aws said...

Poor little guy. I hate it when I see injuries happening in super slow-mo and can't seem to move my body to do anything about it.

Grandma said...

This picture is enough to bring tears to any Grandma's eyes. I'm hoping the teeth are alright. I guess they were when I saw him ready to eat a green bagel for St Pattie Day.
Did I tell you about the time your brother ran around the corner in his stocking feet skidding into a corner and splitting his forehead open. I rushed him to the doctors office for stitches. The doctor asked if I was up to helping hold him down with the nurse which I did. After it was all over, the nurse said to me, "Would you like to sit down and catch your breath and have a drink of water, you don't look so good yourself " At this point I realized I had my paint clothes on and my paint head scarf on and look like shi---- I explained that I was painting the bedroom. Dr. Saef was so good to me. He said as always."You did nothing wrong. Accidents happen, even when we aren't painting."
So my darling daughter I say the same to you. "Accidents happen and you did nothing wrong. You are a great caring mother. Peace be with you and yours.
Who in there right mind would paint a room while tending three children under 5 years? Of course, the wonder Mom!