Saturday, March 14, 2009

Overheard in Tubbie

I am on the computer in the dining room and Homestead Mama is in the bathroom bathing the children.  I just overheard the following conversation.

Pequita: Mama, dis?

H-Mama: Uh, that is your, uh, clito.ris.  Kind of like Bubba's peni.s but smaller.

Both kids: [Mad cackling]

There has been so much interest in naked time in our house, a.k.a. exploring your own goods, that we let both kids see Grandpa pee when he last visited.  We aren't sure how to expose them to the male anatomy in a Natural! Relaxed! Lighthearted! way; with two moms, we don't want to make anything a mystery.  They clearly know all about the female anatomy.  The kids regularly hear that Monito and our dog Cosmo are the only boys in the house.  So after they saw Grandpa pee - STANDING UP!  AND AIMING! - they seem to have fewer questions and more comfort about their differences.  Phew. 

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