Monday, April 14, 2008

We Passed

Well, I think the home inspection went well.  We all stood around the kitchen island and chatted about our histories and told the stories of the babies and the probation officer was very nice.  No one slept very well, what with Pequita's whooping and Monito's return to constant nursing or begging to nurse [a sound that goes like this at increasing volume: heahnnh heaenhhhnh].  Not so great as a lullaby.

She was surprised and pleased that we used the same donor; I think that anyone who hasn't gone through the process of selecting a sperm  donor hasn't really considered that a] you have to pick someone sight unseen, or b] that you could have different kids using different sperm.  She liked the house, even in its imperfect state.  She lives within a mile of her sister who has 7-month old triplets so was unphased by our own Homestead version of morning routine a.k.a. mayhem.

We received the last letter of support late last night, and were able to hand over a complete packet of personal info.  Now all we have to do is wait until we get notice of the court hearing date.  She said that the judge usually lumps all the happy events on the court docket onto one day and spaces those days out, so s/he gets a lovely vacation from the usual family court fodder of broken homes, broken families, broken people.  Makes sense to me. 

I am heaving a HUGE sigh of relief.  I am already planning our announcement that we'll send out - this will be a huge and joyous occasion.  Homestead Mama and I have talked about using Father's Day as our 'Family Day' celebration, the day we do something wonderful and fun and celebrate how we all came to have each other.  I like the idea, but then I'm a sucker for ritualized fun.


Becca said...

Your Father's Day/Family Day celebration sounds perfect! I am so happy this went well and I am sure you can't wait to put it behind you and enjoy being a wonderful, happy family forever! Congratulations.

J. said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

We can hardly wait to help you celebrate being offically a family no matter where you are or in what state you are! I can't think of anything more wonderful for two children than to have two loving, adoring parents forever. I will call the day it happens "the Forever Day" for our family. As we will also be offically the grandparents of our beautiful grandchildren after the adoption occurs. I guess you get the ritual idea from my genes. Just love this blog!