Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ahhh. I've returned to my previous haircut. The 2" long crop of post-pregnancy regrowth finally got to me and I had my stylist [you wouldn't think I had one, eh? Yeah, me neither but I do] fix it but good. I walked into the salon a frumpy new mom and walked out a lesbian with cool hair who happens to have kids. Homestead Mama thinks it makes me look younger, which excited me a lot until I realized that I have arrived at 'that certain age' where looking younger is even a concern. Phooey. I don't even have to really wash it all that much, just run my wet hands through it to realign the 'do and run. I feel liberated and surprisingly cute. You'll have to ignore my early morning puffiness to agree, I fear. Thirty-nine *is* middle-aged, isn't it? My birthday is in less than a month.

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Kim said...

When I met you I believe you were wearing overalls and a tee and your hair was short and blond. You had various rainbow accouterments dappled all over, and that same lesbo volvo. Let's def go show off your reclaimed lesbian hair at the bar on Thursday. :)