Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stealing Time

We have house guests who are here for the week, which explains my blogging absence.  Beloved Canadian Friends and their daughter who is only a few months older than Pequita.  It is going wonderfully despite two babies with colds and one adult with a raging feverish cold.  The weather has turned here and I wore shorts for about two hours today without being cold.  We spent the temperate and sunny afternoon at a playground by the lake.  I took 111 photos in just under an hour - I'll post some when I get a chance. 

High points?  Having one of my best friends in my house to pal around with and feel her calm and humorous energy throughout the day; it really is easier having two adults on hand.  Also, Pequita and Canadian Baby are at perfect stages to enjoy each other's company and are having a really good time taking joint tubbies, playing in the travel crib together, and trying to out-generous each other with toy sharing.  And we have four whole days left! 

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