Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thank You, Gentle Readers

I have gotten much support for the scratching issue, and some much needed commiseration.  Thanks.  And for anyone wondering, Anon is indeed my mother, and the biter was indeed me.  I was, apparently, quite the little ripper.

I have discovered nirvana.  I know a few of you will enjoy this as much as me - I can't wait to try it.

Homestead Mama is thinking of making the grilled scallop & shrimp salad that she made on vacation last year and serving it in these.  Heaven, I say.  Speaking of food, we are making one or two loaves of the 'No-Knead Bread' each week, some savory with rosemary or other herbs and others plain. 

I adore Homestead Mama, and used to do birthdays with a lot of preparation and fanfare.  This year, all we could handle was low-key and it was perfect.  Sunday night I made H-Mama her belated birthday dinner, the boneless leg of lamb I had bought the week before.  (Not that the Vietnamese takeout I served her on the actual day wasn't delicious, but we still had the lamb in the fridge.)  I spent five minutes browning the meat and a handful of onions, tossed them into the slow cooker with potatoes, mushrooms, barley, carrots whole garlic cloves and some mushroom consomm√©.  Five hours later, served with our home made bread lightly toasted and scraped with a raw garlic clove for some zip, it was fit for a birthday meal.   And to think that we used to eat like that all the time.

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Momma Penguin said...

Oh my god, just followed the link. Yummo!!!! I really like the idea of a bacon theme party. I was a veggie for 7 years, and yep, it was bacon that brought me back into the fold. I miss American bacon though. Ours is a little too meaty, too little fat.