Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Westchester County

We arrived in the down-state area around 10pm last night after a blessedly uneventful drive.  As always, the kids loved being in a hotel room so we didn't get to sleep until around midnight, but the kids were awake at 7:30am as usual.  I totally do NOT know how they do that.  We awoke in the nice suite hotel with a view of a river - not sure yet which one, but odds are it is the Hudson.  Monito and I didn't so much 'wake up' as 'never settle down enough and stop twitching long enough to do more than doze'.  I remember this learning-to-walk time with Pequita; she took weeks to get back to a good nights rest.  She did do it, though, so I just have to soldier on and focus on the cute behavior. 

Homestead Mama went off to her training at 8am, and we can smell the scent of a buffet breakfast down the hall, so are about to get dressed and zip down there for sustenance.  The hotel is next to a huge entertainment center, with arcades, bowling, go carts and movie theaters.  I suspect that we can exhaust all of us just by running around in that area for a little while until both kids drop into a nap. 

Since the wireless is clearly working, I'll post more later.  The babies are entranced with the room, the sliding mirrored doors to the closet, the kitchenette.  This leaves me with time to blog!

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Becca said...

Ooh, sounds like fun! Enjoy breakfast!