Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monito Crawls

Last Monday, Monito broke the motion barrier. My little potato is a Big Boy now, scooting along the floor with a remarkable speed. He is excited, but doesn't really yet understand the implications of this momentous feat. Pequita, on the other hand, is learning quickly. He follows her around now and grabs everything that she touches with his big meaty hands and won't let go. Much screaming is to be heard in our neck of the woods. I'm teaching her the concept of 'trade', since he doesn't really care what he plays with, but she is still shellshocked by the sudden rocking of her world.

In the hotel room, we arrived at a peaceful solution. He had the floor level, she got the banquette in front of the window. This had the added attraction of being a good vantage point for her favorite game these days, Bus Spotting. Sadly, now that we are home there is only the one plane upon which to play. They will have to duke it out.

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MSL said...

Henry hasn't yet made the big transition. I'm not sure if I should be worried or thankful.