Monday, August 13, 2007

We're Back

Last week, we caught the ferry over to our destination with only three minutes to spare due to traffic. We made it onto our return ferry this morning at 7 am with a whole 2o minutes to spare. Travelling with 2 kids is much different than just us, for sure. I managed to get both kids diaper-changed an dressed this morning at 5:30 am without waking them while Homestead Mama finished loading the car. A miracle, really. They lasted several hours in the car today without incident, as long as H-mama sat wedged in between their carseats the whole way entertaining them. I'm not complaining - we didn't have baby meltdown until 20 minutes from our house. We asked a lot of them and they totally came through today. Good babies!
Below, Monito falls in love with his grandpa and Pequita comtemplates her future as a small craft sailor.

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