Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Birth, restored

I accidentally deleted the 30 hours of photographs that my father took during my delivery.  I still had the images of the c-section, but the record of the actual labor?  I must have deleted them in the process of backing up my laptop to my desktop to my external book drive.  Clearly, I'm not as savvy as I'd like. 
Luckily, I am a sentimental fool and had saved the cd with the pics on it that he gave me in the hospital in a memory box along with Monito's footprint card, the little plastic ankle ID bracelet tag they had on him, and the clip that clamped off his umbilical cord. 
Thank god.  I was in tears when I figured out that they weren't on any computer, and spent a good hour trying to figure out if I could restore them before checking the memory box.  I am so relieved. 

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Momma Penguin said...

I need some clarification. Your DAD was present during your labor?!? Your parents are amazing!!