Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer Vacation Redux, part 3

And Monito at 8 weeks was a champ. He slept well, especially once I made set him up in the laundry basket.
He was a dear boy to all who held him. He accepted being passed around, and met his Aunties and cousin for the first time. Spitting up on Grandpa was clearly a highlight of his trip.He also enjoyed going to the carousel, although he decided to remain in the Bjo.rn carrier and nap.

He graduated to the sitting up position in the stroller, as he can hold his head up well enough and really prefers the visual stimulation.

Grandma generously stayed behind on the beach and held him, encased in UV-ray repelling fabric & clothing, while Homestead Mom and Mama took Pequita swimming for the first time in the ocean. Quite the hardship, really, for poor Grandma.

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jaynes ave said...

Pequita is a natural on the piano! And, Monito, what a little champ! I know we haven't spoken in a while, but I am always checking your blog, keeping up on the family happenings. It sounds (and looks) like you guys are doing wonderfully!
Take care... we'll talk soon!
Love, Val