Friday, March 23, 2007

RIP Garrison Keillor

I usually enjoy Dan Savage's writing, from his ever-enlightening sex advice column "Sav*age Love" to his political commentary and even his books. Yeah, sure, he's achieved a level of success that occasionally allows for more abrasive language than most adults choose to employ. But he's now managed to properly capture and express my indignation and sense of betrayal that Garrison Keillor sparked in me with this little gem in Salon Magazine. All I could do when I read it was stammer and feel confused, betrayed, then angry. For years I have listened to "The Writer's Almanac" on NPR every week, enjoying the commentary and Keillor's mellifluous voice doling out the literary trivia and poetry, even staying longer in my car when late for work to hear the end. I've been trying to articulate my feelings about his Salon article to no avail even as I have been waiting for a retraction or apology from Keillor, and then today I found Dan's response, here. So there, Garrison. (And for the record, I always hated Guy Noir. Stupid, stupid, and boring.)

Update: Keillor's apology here, and Dan's second response here.

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