Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pequita's 4 month checkup

Yes, she's 5.5 months old now, but there was a huge snowstorm last month and the doc's office closed, and she missed her appointment. We are most pleased with her progress. She is now 17.32 lbs and 25.5" long (tall?), which puts her in the shocking 90th percentile in weight and 75th percentile in height.

On the other hand, we WILL be switching doctor's office, because Homestead Mama & Pequita have been at the docs office for an hour and a half so far and STILL hasn't received any vaccinations. They're 'running a bit behind'. I told H-Mama to stop nursing and comforting the baby and go stand by the check-in desk with a squalling bored infant and let them revel in their scheduling ineptitude. If we switch, it will be to the downtown hippy pediatric office which is lovely, there is never a pile-up in the waiting room and the docs are highly recommended. They don't take our insurance, so we'll have to pay out of pocket & then get reimbursed, but good lord, what kind of office makes you wait w/ a baby for over 1.5 hours? Sheesh. They are lucky it isn't me there with the kid.

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