Friday, March 30, 2007


Yet another mindblowing (to me) milestone.

I feel a foot. There was a lot of kicking, and I reached down to feel it as I always do, and for the first time the foot was pressed into the wall of my ute and I could press back at it. I played a little me-push, you-push with Monito/a for a few minutes until it got tired. Had me crying a bit with happiness. The moments when it feels especially real and baby-like are very poignant. According to the books, the fetus is 2.75 lbs and about 16" total length now, so it is no wonder that it can push back - it has leverage now. I guess I should be glad it wasnt' bracing against my bladder.

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Mommy & Mama & Cubs said...

Awesome! Sure miss feeling the kicking...