Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grandpa is Game

Boy, is grandpa game.  We have very specific rules about playing with swords or "shooter-guns", the theoretical weapon Monito barely knows about.  No pain is involved, no actual body-whacking is usually involved.  Then grandpa comes to visit and allows a full-on pirate play bonanza.  There was dressing up, there was Argh-ing, there were weapon malfunctioning as they were beaten into a pile of plastic, foam and coats-of-arms.

Grandpa spent most of the time on the floor, which gave Monito a clear sense of advantage.  He was merciless.

There was about 20 minutes of play before they retired to the couch to watch Peter Pan and admire the sword-fighting skills of Captain Hook and Pan. 

There was a little love expressed, too.  This boy LOVES his grandpa.  It has taken a full week to deprogram the fighting free-for-all skills.  We now have Homestead Rules and Grandpa Rules for duels.  We can't wait for the next altercation.


Becca said...

What sweet pictures! Love this post.

Grandma said...

Maybe I should get them both a hard hat before the next duel. What great pictures of the two brave pirates in our life.

Kate and Crew said...

What great pics! The first one is my fav. Makes me miss my dad and wish my boys could have grown up with him - he'd be a silly grandpa too :(