Saturday, February 6, 2010


When awakened by the snuggliest, dearest, cheek caressing, finger-lacing hand-holding boy at 6:20 am, there is really only one thing to do. Snuggle on the couch in the half-light of morning, each clutching our favorite things - a foam sword and a mug of steaming half-caf - tangled up together and allow ourselves to be transported to Neverland. My boy, who now denounces his real name for a pirate name for a portion of each day, loves Peter Pan as much as I did as a child. Pequita also loves to join in the magical play, but is distracted easily. Monito sleeps with his sword. The favorite curse in our house at the moment is "You codfish!"

My kids are hitting the really fun play stage and I adore it. However, to keep us humble it happens to occur concurrently with the super-moody tantrum-heavy phase that hits in the late-twos, early-threes. Two steps forward, one step back.

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