Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pequita Growing Up

Oh me oh my, my daughter brings joy to my life. She is in a very 'big sister' phase in which she loves to help and teach and take care of others. During her brothers recent flu, she was happily on call. She was willing to drop her activity instantly when I called her to help. (So much of a sick toddler is managing vomit spread, so someone needs to hold the puke-covered kid still and comfort them while another brings cleaning supplies.) She gladly grabbed towels and trotted them over to me, or brought her crying brother a toy or cup of water when he cried and crooned 'Buuuubbuuuuh' to him while touching his cheek. Saturday night at around 11 pm H-Mama was downstairs putting our pukey sheets in the laundry and I had to fetch clean jammies for Monito. Pequita was awake with all the hubbub, and we pulled her out of her crib and asked her to sing to her brother and comfort him for a couple minutes. She lay down alongside him, held his hand and sang her favorite song to him, the ABCs. Her version goes like this: O-ayayay, I-ayayay, A-ayayay, I. U-ayayay, O-ayayay, (etc). Monito quieted right down and lay still with her while we cleaned up. I am ever grateful that we have two kids when I see them like this.

Her favorite ASL sign right now is 'I love you', taught to her by Auntie Kiko. It really illustrates this stage for her, which is so filled with love and affection.


kimmie said...

Want to know where she is hiding her ASL "I love you" rubber ducky? One hint: wash it before you put it in your mouth. tee hee <3 kiko

JenB4 said...

Do you know what your 3-yr-old nephew says/does when he is feeling very, very happy loving? He takes your cheeks between his hands, looks tenderly into your eyes, and says, "Mommy, I will eat your FACE!" An alternative is, "Mommy, I will cut off your head with a REAL knife!"

When I finally realized he was saying these things during times of quiet greeting and cuddling I asked if that meant he loved me. His response? "Oh YES. That is what I mean!" (Hop down and run away.)