Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canadian Trip

We had a delightful time up on the edge of Canada. I love wintery beach, and our friends live a few short blocks from a lovely one. We spent a long cold time exploring and playing on the beach and nearby playground. You can see Toronto across the lake.
Canadian geese, possessing home court advantage, are bolder up North. Monito, a veteran fowl-chaser, got a little surprise when the tables were turned and the hungry geese came looking for food. He broke into a run right after this shot was taken.

We were visiting a house inhabited by a 2.5 year old, and much of the time she seemed equal parts amazed, delighted and horrified at how Pequita and Monito interacted in her previously peaceful, tidy space. The marauding! The screaming! The fighting, hitting, biting! The time outs! The humanity! There was a truly remarkable amount of sharing on all fronts, given the ages of all three kids.
There was a lot of parallel play, and a good amount of cooperative play as well. Ball rolling in a circle had to be set up and monitored by adults, but was fun for a couple minutes.

As always, I wish we lived closer to our loved ones with kids our children's age.

And I made a mental note of an item for the "3rd Baby: CONS" column. Travelling to other people's houses with 3 toddlers? Near-impossible. I think the only place we could visit without staying in a hotel is to Grandma's house. Although my kids would be at least a year older, more mature and more independent by the time of birth...

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