Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dive In, The Water is Great

We went back to the YMCA yesterday and went swimming, and it was a huge success. My kids have blossomed since I last took them swimming. Pequita has always loved the water, but has been - blessedly - cautious. This summer, she really loved the ocean and jumping in the waves. Today, she revelled in the baby pool. She has little fear of the water, and figured out that she can stand unattended in the shallow end of the baby pool; she loved clinging to the filter lip of the pool and moving from one side of the pool to the other all the while telling me to 'Go 'way! Go 'way!' It is a gratifying to see her develop independence like this. She loves beyond measure to jump off the edge of the pool into our arms.

Monito is still more cautious than his sister, but was game for all we did. Floating, jumping of the sides of the pool, blowing bubbles. He was content to stay in our arms while in the water, but was so very excited. We can sign up for a swim class without a Y membership; it looks like that's what we'll be doing. With a response like this, wouldn't you?

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