Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lead check update

Readers have asked how the home visit went. Good and bad, I guess. The team found no obvious hot items that we didn't know abut already with one annoying exception. My expensive Crate and Barrel pasta bowls, made in Italy and which are perfect for reheating leftovers, have a significant lead content. Over the holidays, I'll be writing a letter to them with photos of my bowls alerting them to this fact and asking them to make some kind of amends for the money spent on their unsafe product. A nice gift certificate would certainly ease the sting of knowing I've been feeding my kids off lead-ridden plates for their whole lives.

The lead team basically said that Pequita likely chewed on something with lead in it - a. Crayon, chalk, toy, etc - just enough to spike her levels. Since they were down 3 pits just 2 weeks later means it isn't something she has regular access to. The bad part of this is that we won't know the source definitively, and we'll have to assume that with her propensity to chew EVERYTHING she'll have a few more lead level spikes in her young life until she can replace her toy chewing with a healthier habit, like smoking cigarettes.
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