Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas gift

Homestead Mama and my father took the babies to the grocery store [folly, I know, but I so needed time without them to get ready for tomorrow I didn't say anything] and mom and I finished up our holiday errands and then had lunch with no sippy cups, behavioral outbursts, or messy eating.  Thai food, no less.  It was the best gift I've had in a long time.  It didn't hurt that the errands included a trip to the fabric/ yarn store in town.  Fondling Kaffe Fasset quilting cloth and alpaca yarn was yummy.  Coming out only having spent $1 on the ribbon I needed to finish the stockings I'm making was even better.

I'll try get some pictures up soon, but we've got a couple duck to roast tonight, 18 lbs of fresh ham to cook tomorrow and now I'm going to go sort through the massive mound of outgrown clothes I have on hand to find some to donate to the single mom of three girls whose house just burned down last night.  I can't even imagine.

Happy holidays, everyone. 

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Momma Fox said...

Happy holidays to you too! The ADORABLE hat came yesterday, and has been added to Foxy's stocking. Pics to follow! Good luck with prep, & enjoy the day!