Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pretend Play

Monito is such a different kid from Pequita. He pushes every button he encounters - he has reprogrammed our fridge, washer/dryer, cell phones, etc. Numerous times. He opens cupboard doors and drawers (and then rummages through the stuff inside) when Pequita barely notices them. He has hit the testing / defiant phase already, and spends a lot of his day snatching the toy pequita is actively playing with, or the Wusthoff paring knife I set down for one second, and running away with it at top speed, ignoring my cries to STOP RIGHT THERE BUDDY! Consequently, he has started having time outs a lot earlier than his sister.

This past Monday I took them to play at my sister's house. Monitor got frustrated when he was denied the toy his sister had and he yanked her hair enough times as I was using my words to get him to stop that I said, "ENOUGH" and whipped him onto a far couch to sit until I released him. Peace returned to the room, but Pequita didn't return to her toy as usual. She walked over and stood right in front of me, smiled, and yanked on her own hair. It was immediately obvious what was called for. "Oops! You BAD girl! You aren't allowed to pull hair! Time out for you!". All with a big smile on my face. She giggled all the way over to the couch and happily settled into her 'time out' as I affirmed in a stage whisper that we were just pretending. She now frequently copies exactly what her brother does that elicits a big response and demands the same (although play acting) response from us. It is a great way to explore good/ bad behavior, consequences, and to lighten up the mood in the room.

Kids are so smart.

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